The Benefits of NomuraSwiss

Swiss-style lathes already offer a plethora of benefits, but what sets us apart from our competition?

NomuraSwiss has been designing and crafting reliable Swiss-type lathes for over 50 years. Utilizing various techniques and processes that help us stand out above other well-known Swiss lathe manufacturers, we have established the reputation of creating extremely rigid machines that maintain process stability over time. At NomuraSwiss, our goal is to exceed your expectations, whether with our array of Swiss lathes and vertical machining centers or our exceptional service and support team.

What’s So Great About Swiss Machining?

CNC Swiss-type lathes were created in the 1870s as a means to create small-diameter parts for highly sought-after Swiss watches. At the time, fixed headstock lathes couldn’t hold the tolerances necessary to create high volumes of these thin parts, so a new type of turning machine was created to cut bar stock as it is fed through a guide bushing past stationary cutting tools. With this design, the cutting occurs close to the point of support, increasing stability and decreasing vibration and chatter.


Swiss machines are certainly more effective in high-volume environments, due to their quick cycle times; however, the niche they’re most known for – long, small and complex parts – is not the only application in their wheelhouse. Swiss machines can handle most parts crafted in a traditional CNC machine, regardless of complexity, up to ⌀1.5-inch bar stock. Boasting up to 13 axes in a single machine, including back-end tooling, a Swiss machine can craft in a single operation parts that could require several if made in a traditional CNC.


The Nomura Advantage

NomuraSwiss serves a wide range of industries, including the defense, electrical and medical industries. Our machines are ideal for working with difficult materials, machining complex parts, achieving fine finishes and even extending tool life. This comes from the way we craft our machines, which maintain a world-recognized rigidity, resulting in high accuracy and reduced vibration during the cutting process. Our machines’ rigidity comes from four main factors:

Hand-scraped ways

Painstakingly scraped grooves in the machine ways create pockets to trap oil and air, which decreases vibration and machine wear.


Dovetail Slides

The dovetail structure in the machine ways forces precise contact and adds strength and rigidity to the machine.


Integrated casting bed

This design offers shock resistance and temperature stability, minimizing heat deformation and machine vibration over the course of a continued run.


Large ball screws

The design of our ball screws contributes to reduced friction and ensures smooth machining.


A machine's stability and rigidity play a critical role in tool life, surface finish, and tolerance over time. Due to the rigid structure of our machines, we see reduced chatter, increased accuracy and increased tooling durability with each of our machines. Nomura machines can sustain tolerances as tight as .0001in for the entire duration of a run, requiring no attention from the operator.


Micro Vibration Turning

We are committed to continuously improving our products; as such, our Swiss machines can now be equipped with Micro Vibration Turning technology, which controls the length of the chips during the cutting process. This technology breaks up the chips and prevents long ribbons from forming and getting in the way. Long chips can get tangled in the tooling and cause broken tools or deviations during the machining of a part, so we use MVT to keep your tooling safe and your process stable.


Without Utilizing MVT - 30ft chips



Utilizing MVT - 10in chips



Finished part - Utilizing MVT


Swiss Expertise Applied to VMCs

A newer addition to the NomuraSwiss line of machines is DST series. Unlike its Swiss counterparts, the DST is a vertical machining center that still offers high-speed machining in a compact footprint. Its structural design lends to its increased rigidness and decreased vibration. Our DST also utilizes a BBT30 compatible spindle, which provides both face and taper contact to the spindle, increasing process stability and tool life. In order to decrease tool change times, the turret is closer to the arm, requiring less distance for the tool to travel in the changing process.


Get the Most out of Your Machine Tools with NomuraSwiss

The goal of NomuraSwiss is 100% satisfaction, so after you decide to work with us, we make sure that you can rely on us for the subsequent steps. Our support center is open 24 hours a day, and we try to ship parts within 24 hours, depending on availability, but we offer more than reactive responses. Taking advantage of our preventative maintenance programs helps you eliminate large-scale, costly repairs, increase your machine tool’s life and reduce scrap or rework caused by poorly maintained equipment.


We offer a wide variety of technical training opportunities because knowing the ins and outs of your machine is the best way to get the most out of it. From hands-on programming instructions to basic mechanical or electrical maintenance training, we’ve got you covered.


Lights-Out Made Possible in High-Volume Environments

If you want to further improve the productivity of your manufacturing business, a smart investment is automation, and the characteristics of Swiss-style lathes make them ideally suited for long, unattended runs. Due to the sturdy construction of NomuraSwiss’ internal components such as the spindle, guiding system, ways, and ball screws, any of our machines can run unattended, which opens the door for lights-out manufacturing. Among the considerations required when implementing lights-out production these three stand out the most:


Chip/Coolant Management

Don’t let chips back up and cause bottlenecks in your production. Make sure your systems can handle the amount of chips created during the shift.



With Swiss machines, you’d only need to automate unloading, but for the DST, you’d want to consider a machine tending solution.


Bar Feeders

Find an automatic bar feeder than can hold enough bar stock to handle the production volume of the timeframe you’re trying to fill.




Automating your work environment can help reduce labor cost, improve employee retention and increase your profit margins, so implementing lights-out with a NomuraSwiss machine is a no-brainer.

Are You Fit for Swiss?

We’re all about meeting your needs the best way possible, so we’ll be glad to have a conversation about how NomuraSwiss can be the difference you need to get the edge on your competition.