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NomuraSwiss Swiss-style turning machines are ideal for machining complex parts, working with difficult-to-machine materials, achieving fine surface finishes and reducing tool costs.

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Max. Stock Diameter Ø 32/38mm
Tool Stations 26 or 28
Spindle Speed (RPM)8,000rpm
Main Spindle Axes 4
Back Spindle Axes 3 or 4
Axis Rapid Feed Rate 30m/min
Spindle Power 7.5/5.5KW

32/38KMCompare Products

The 32/38KM is the latest NC with a Mitsubishi M80 control. It has an improved tool layout for easier chip removal and minimizes thermal deformation and vibration with an integrated casting bed and dovetail structure.



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Why Buy a Swiss Turning Machine

Swiss-style sliding headstock CNC machine tools are ideal for high-volume output, provided they have the necessary rigidity and accuracy. Swiss-style turning machines with backend tooling allow for quicker part creation.

Why Buy a Swiss-Style Turning Machine?

High precision machining and high volume production don’t always go hand-in-hand. That’s why Swiss watch makers developed sliding headstock turning machines that achieve both goals. More