Gosiger High Volume Products Displayed in PMTS 2019 Booth 2012

PMTS_Header_socialFor PMTS 2019 Gosiger High Volume presents the latest technologies for precision parts manufacturers. Nomura Swiss-style CNC machine Product Manager, Guy Metz, will make in-booth presentations and answer questions about Nomura Swiss-style CNC machines and applications.

The Nomura products displayed in Gosiger booth # 2012 are: 

  • NN10EX2: Specially designed for high-precision and complicated machining under 10mm with built-in main & sub spindles for greater productivity and reduced cycle times. 
  • NN20J3: A highly flexible machine with standard features that include 6 OD tools, 4 static front/back drilling stations and 5 live cross drill/mill spindles for the main spindle. The sub-spindle has 3 static back drilling tools, 2 OD tools, 3 live cross drill/mill tools and 3 live off-center drill/mill tools. Both the main and back spindles come standard with a .001 degree C-Axis. 
  • NN32YB3 XB: For complicated shaped parts this highly-flexible sub-spindle machine is equipped with 5 OD tools, 4 static front/back end working tools and 6 live cross drill/mill tools for the main spindle. The back comes standard with 3 static end working tools, 2 OD tools and 2 live drill/mill tools. Both the main and back spindles come standard with a .001 degree C-Axis. 
  • NN38UB8: For machining high-precision and complicated shaped parts with shortened cycle time this model has long drill, horizontal tool post and, a dovetail structure. 

The KP100 Vacuum Chamber Parts Washer from iFP thoroughly cleans complex parts such as those with ID threads, blind holes and cross holes, by applying programmable spraying, immersion, submerged jets, ultrasonic and vapor cleaning methods either statically, or with oscillation or rotation. The unit cleans parts in a sealed chamber using hydrocarbons or modified alcohol-based solvents that are internally recycled through a distillation process to protect workers and the environment. 

Load & Go from Automation Within Reach (AWR) provides CNC shops of any size an affordable way to apply robotic loading and unloading from CNC machine tools to streamline production. A menu-driven HMI eliminates the need for advanced programming skills, and the units accommodate a wide range of round, square or rectangular part IDs and ODs for low volume, high mix production runs. 

Gosiger High Volume specialists will be in the booth to provide details on all products. To learn more about these productivity enhancing machines, contact your local Gosiger facility